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Hi there, you made it! Finally, you are here in our humble space where we share our life stories and manifestations. Together we can design our own beautiful world. 


We are that sustainable couple - married on World Environment Day 2016 and living a life dedicated to preserving the planet. We strive to lead by example and demonstrate that living consciously and ethically is possible. As vegans, we believe nature can provide us with all the resources we need to live happily and sustainably. As artists and hybrid professionals, we love to create and share our passion projects with the world. We also believe in transparency and authenticity and are here to encourage others to do the same. We are intersectional environmentalists, and we have entrepreneurship in our blood. Welcome to our market, where you can explore our projects and join us in making a positive impact on our planet.


created with purposes

Okay, Lets get things straight. We are not a multi-national corporate making millions by the minute with hundreds of emploees. That is not even our closest dream. We are very creative people and our business professional expertise and skills help us create these brands with a purpose. Each of these small businesses emerged from some crisis or injustice and turned out to find solutions and find justice. Click on the brand to learn more and participate in our mission and help us make our visions come true.

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