Chocolate Lip Balm

Chocolate Lip Balm

When was the last time you didn’t crave chocolate? I can’t remember mine because I want to eat chocolate all the time! The silky smoothness and deep aroma just cuddles you from the inside. Embracing the emotions, I really loved coming up with Chocolate Lip Balm. A simple yet delicious (oops) plant butter based spread for your lips is all that you need when you are going through any sort of mood. The vanilla just explores one’s playfulness. Don't be surprised if you find yourself biting your lips more often because it’s too pleasurable to resist. As always, our simple ingredients are ethically sourced and come in zero waste packaging. Our lip balm is made without waxes as they are not made in a sustainable or natural way. We chose cocoa butter and kokum butter as the base to give the chocolatey notes and deep moisturising properties. It’s all for you to feel sexy and guilt-free the next time you slather up your lips.





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