Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee Sugar Scrub

Self-love is where world peace begins. When you are nice to yourself, you are nice to others. Our luxurious coffee sugar scrub is curated for that beautiful purpose. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans enlightens that little soul in us every time even without drinking coffee! Imagine some sweet smell of sugar with it, that’s all it takes to be happy. The organic cold pressed mango butter and coconut oil helps moisturise and glide the coffee on the skin while the sugar locks in moisture making the skin like a sweet smooth caramel latte. Who doesn’t like that now! Our commitment to protect you and the ocean made us take conscious decisions of selecting the most ethical ingredients and packaging. We collaborated with Climate Wave Coffee Company to source unwashed coffee beans roasted light in small batches that do not go for brewing but our jars of luscious scrub. So when you feel like giving yourself some love, scrub away to your heart’s content feeling ethical all along.





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