Maa kal jaadi - 1L soapstone jar with lid (Chennai delivery only)
  • Maa kal jaadi - 1L soapstone jar with lid (Chennai delivery only)

    When personal care goes beyond just the skin, the very next place to focus is the gut. They say our gut is the Second Brain. The enteric nervous system is known as the "second brain" or the brain in the gut because it can operate independently of the brain and spinal cord, the central nervous system. Now, gut health has become our top priority and we bombard it with probiotics, prebiotics and fibres. But are you sending them all in along with leached in chemicals from plastic, aluminium, lead, polytetrafluoroethylene (non-stick) containers and cookwares? 
    Not anymore, because we have brought you the healthiest ever ancient cookware in history- Maa Kal or soapstone. This metamorphic rock is fondly known as Seatite by petrologists and is rich in magnesium. These last a lifetime with little to no maintenance. Just make sure to not exert pressure as it can break like earthen wares. Handling this beautiful maa kal teaches us patience and delicate values.
    This Maa Kal Jaadi is generally used for  storage purposes, be it tamarind, pickles, salt or culturing curd. They prevent the food from spoiling quickly and regulate acidity. We make sure to work directly and fairly with the soapstone artisans of Tami Nadu to keep this ancient technology alive!
    Each stone piece is hand carved, so size, shape and colour can vary. Because, we believe that handmade brings out the uniqueness in each one of us!