Payasam - Rice Coconut Cardamom Body Bar

Payasam - Rice Coconut Cardamom Body Bar

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Sun rays, melanin, tanning, talcum powder, synthetic perfumes and deodorants will darken and weaken skin after prolonged exposure making it dull and unhealthy. Despite its tiny size, Rice beholds an array of Ferulic acid, Allantoin, Tyrosinase and Vitamin B that provides sun protection abilities, deep skin repair, prevents excessive production of melanin, promotes new cell production and increases collagen. Cardamom goes beyond just being a culinary spice. Containing high Vitamin C, in combination with rice, it battles against skin ageing and reduces the effect of sun damage. Coconut pulp is a great moisturiser, anti-inflammatory and keeps skin supple. With a melange of these delicious plants, Payasam serves right in the cosmetic department.





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