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We thought of a story in 2021 during the middle of a pandemic. A play that we want to live in. A brand that defines who we are. A space so humble that it holds us, heals us of our trauma and inspires us to live - artfully and slowly. It is also a sacred tribute to our dear friend Anu, whom we lost in a forest fire in 2018. Thus began our journey with Slow Coffee House in Triplicane, Chennai. Some of you might have experienced this unique story. But for new people, we opened our doors to this quaint sit-on-the-floor place nestled away in a happening heritage town where people can enjoy the art through handcrafted beverages, seasonal food and displayed works on the walls. Simplicity spoke for itself. We fondly named our venture 'Creators Cafe' before lockdowns and change of hearts. We solely hosted this little coffee shop, which is currently on hiatus since we are in Victoria, BC. We hope to host our lovely Chennai community again for Coffee People Connect and Tasting Menus when we return to Namma Chennai. 

art + sustainability + slow living
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