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You're here because of your curiosity to know what we do for a living. Welcome to our office. We'll showcase our brands we have developed over time that are now under the same umbrella of That Sustainable Couple. This way, it shows we are the founders and creators behind each of these ideas and workmanship.


Many of you might know that Praveen is also a professional photographer. He began his photography journey in 2012 in Chennai and did lots of weddings and events and also volunteered his skills for non-profits. He aspires to become a wildlife photographer because he loves being in the forest. As a fundraiser for that dream, he decided to do pet photography for clients wherever he lives. Currently, he is in Vancouver Island so his services are available here.  If you have cute pets and would like to create memories with them, feel free to book with Net Positive Photography.


Praveen developed a passion for coffee in 2019 and set on an expedition to coffee farms, roasting units, and cafes in India. Our initial plan was to bring back amazing coffee to Canada. but Covid happened. Being stuck back in India, we decided to launch Climate Wave in 2020 - 1st of October - World Coffee Day. Since then we have been selling artisanally roasted beans nationwide.  Our signature small-batch cold brew and many uniquely created beverages made with Climate Wave Certified Coffee were served at Slow Coffee House in Chennai. In 2022 we returned to Canada and brought Climate Wave here. Now we have established Climate Wave as a global movement to transform coffee farms into coffee forests through our certification programs.


Project Ambrosia curates high-quality competition-grade coffee beans for individuals who appreciate art and mindfulness. When Praveen wanted to experience the nuances of various coffee lots and varietals, he couldn't find one that met his Climate Wave Standards. As an artistic character, he ventured into roasting competition coffee using the finest sources in compliance with sustainable measures. Ambrosia means an elixir of life and something very pleasing to taste. That is precisely what we want to offer those who love art and high-quality coffee experiences. Check out our current offerings and expand your taste buds through coffee.


Monica, a botanist and artist, found fulfillment in drawing nature. Whenever she traveled, the landscapes inspired her to create beautiful illustrations and preserve her experiences. One of her favorite subjects is botanical illustrations. Panda Creative Company was founded based on Monica's passion for art and nature. Currently, she is focusing on trees that are significant in tropical biodiversity. Through her artwork, she aims to raise awareness of the impact these trees have on conservation and forest protection. Trees are truly marvelous, aren't they? Take a look at how their beauty can be captured on paper and preserved on land.

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